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Climate change and Eurasia

Economic collapse in 90s so their emissions were

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Unformatted text preview: r CDM because we have more developing countries close by Entered into force in 2005 US refused to sign, Europe enticed Russia to get on by helping them with WTO Central Asia in Kyoto Kazakhstan wanted to be an Annex I country, was refused by non- Annex countries to leave the non- Annex I groups Russia and Ukraine had huge economic collapse in 90s, so their emissions were super low compared to how they were in the late 80s – so they met their emissions targets really easily. US helped them reach these goals US helped them reach their goals because its easier to clean up than the US, and they’d look good for helping ! climate change will affect countries different, but countries with similar impacts will respond differently politically (Moran) CSIS/CNAS security based study – how much increase in temp can we absorb until nation states start to...
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