Dynamics Models Notes

Collect input u and output y data 2 pick the model

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Unformatted text preview: irst and second order ODEs, including stability Time delays Empirical modeling from data 1. Collect input u and output y data 2. Pick the model structure a. Continuous time b. Discrete time 3. Solve the ODE using the model from 2. and the input from 1. 4. Compute the best ­fit values of any unknowns a. Graphical method from a few points b. Nonlinear regression c. Linear regression (in original or transformed variables) PID control o Main equation (continuous or discrete time) o Key properties of P, I, and D (and problems) o Fixes to PID control o A controller changes the dynamics of the overall system Closed ­loop transfer functions o Derivation o Stability o Long ­term behavior (final value theorem) PID design o Direct synthesis...
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