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373 378 352 352 sporophytes gametophyte mosses

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Unformatted text preview: (P. 373-378; 352) 352 Sporophytes Gametophyte Mosses: Bryophyta (P. 378-387; 358-366) 358-366 Capsule (Sporangium) Sporophyte Rhizoids Gametophyte Mosses & other Bryophytes on Ravine Wall: Sabine National Forest, East Texas Bryophyte Life Cycle (example: moss, p. 386; 362) p. 362 Sporophyte (2N) Mitosis Zygote (2N) Fertilization 2N Meiosis 1N ♀ Archegonium & egg antheridium & sperm Spores ♂ Mitosis Gametophyte (1N) Focus Plant 9: Bryophytes; Sphagnum sp. Sphagnum Peat Mosses (see p. 378-381) (see As many of 400 species. Worldwide distribution, but Worldwide particularly important in northern peatlands. northern At least 4 species to east At Texas where typical of spring-fed wetlands. spring-fed Densely branched Densely gametophytes form extensive colonies. llarge dead cells in leaf enable arge absorption of 20x dry weight in water (cotton towel only 4in 6x). Release H+ ions into soil. Release Peat bog pH can be <4.0! Peat Sporophytes Gametophyte Impact of Sphagnum Sphagnum Dominant cover on Dominant nearly 3% of Earth's surface (mostly in boreal region). region). One...
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