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4 traditional kingdoms of eukarya traditional p 244

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Unformatted text preview: rya. 4 Traditional Kingdoms of Eukarya Traditional (P. 244; 231-233) 231-233 “Protists”: (Eukaryotic cells, often single-celled organisms. Euglenoids, Red Algae, Dinoflagelates, Diatoms, Euglenoids, Brown algae, Green algae… Brown “Catch-all” group: not monophyletic. Revisions in progress: 'Supergroups' of Eukarya; p. 245. 'Supergroups' p. Fungi: (Heterotrophic, external digestion). Plants: (multicellular autotrophs). Plants in strict sense: 'embryophytes' Plants Animals: (Heterotrophs, internal digestion). (Heterotrophs, Major lineages of Eukaryotes: 'Supergroups' (p. 245) 'Supergroups' Alveolata Stramenopila Plants Plants & Relatives Rhizaria Early Eukaryotes Animals Opisthokonta Fungi Excavata Selected Autotrophic “Protista” (from Ch. 15) (from Diatoms (P. 350; 313) 313 Unicellular or colonial. Important phytoplankton, may account for up to 25% of Important global primary production! global Critical for many aquatic food webs. Frustules: 2-part polymerized-silica ce...
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