Develops haploid green heart shaped 1cm diameter

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Unformatted text preview: , Antheridia at base & archegonia near apex. Antheridia Despite being bisexual, gametophytes generally can't Despite fertilize own eggs. Fern Lifecycle: (p 422) Sporophyte (2N) Sori & Sporangia Mitosis Zygote (2N) Fertilization Archegonium & egg antheridium & sperm 2N 1N Meiosis Spores Mitosis Gametophyte (1N) = “Prothallus” Heterosporous vs. Homosporous Hetero orous lifecycles (p. 397) Homosporous: 1 type of spore, can develop into type male, female, or bisexual gametophyte. gametophyte. Most seedless vascular plants. Heterosporous: Produce 2 types of spores: megaspores megaspores Develop into female Develop gametophytes. gametophytes. microspores microspores Develop into male Develop gametophytes. gametophytes. All Seed Plants. 2 Lycophyte families & 3 fern Lycophyte families families Azolla caroliniana: a heterosporous water fern The End! The Version 12.10...
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