Protista brown algae p 355 317 317 large conspicuous

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Unformatted text preview: ll walls. “Protista” : Brown Algae (p. 355; 317) 317 Large, conspicuous marine Large, seaweeds (kelps). seaweeds Basic body structure: thallus; Basic (fllat sheets of undifferentiated at tissue). tissue). Multcellular, but simple. Degree of cell differentiation Degree varies. varies. Phylogenetically related to Phylogenetically diatoms. diatoms. Brown Algae Brown Holdfast organ Laminae (“leaves”) Laminae Large kelp washed ashore after South African storm Large “Protista”: Red Algae (p. 340; 322) 322 Protista”: Structurally complex seaweeds. Mostly marine. Most abundant in tropics/ warm water. Phycobilins capture green light in deeper waters. Distant relative of plants (share primary plastid endosymbiosis) Protista: Green Algae (P. 345-358, 327) (P. 327 Protista: Together with plants, form a monophyletic group. Together monophyletic “Viridophytes” (green plants). Share several basic cellular characters with plants. Share Variable habit: Unicellular, filamentous, colonial, weakly Variable multicellular,...
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