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Group zygotic meiosis life cycle multicellular with

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Unformatted text preview: to land plants. group” Zygotic meiosis life cycle. Multicellular with branched Multicellular apical growth. Local Chara: From Pinkston Lake Embryophyte Plants Monophyletic Branch of Streptophyte lineage Branch Multicelled sporophyte w/ resting embryo Mostly terrestrial (live on land) Mostly ''Plant kingdom' in strict sense Plant Cladogram of Major Embryophyte Groups Group: Mosses, liverworts, Hornworts Clubmosses (lycophytes) Ferns Pines Oaks (conifers) (angiosperms) Flowers. Seeds in fruits. Seeds. 30bp Cl-DNA inversion. Over-topping branches. Selected Derived Charactertraits Xylem & phloem. Lignin. Branched, independent sporophyte. Embryo. Sporangium. Cuticle. Multicelled sporophyte. Bryophytes: Mosses, Liverworts & Hornworts: (Ch 16) (Ch Non-vascular plants: lack xylem & phloem. Often typical of moist areas (but dry-site species also Often exist)! Rely on immediate contact with moisture (but many can Rely survive long periods of dehydration)! survive 3 distinct evolutionary lineage...
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