Multicellular variable life cycles all 3 types

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Unformatted text preview: etc. multicellular, Variable life cycles: all 3 types. Primarily fresh water but also terrestrial & marine (Ulva) examples. examples. Two main phylogenetic groups (p. 356): ): Chlorophytes: most green algal species. most Streptophytes: 7 other green algal clades plus the other embryophytes (“higher” plants). Phylogeny of Green Plants (P. 356; 338) 338 Chara & Chlorophytes relatives Other Green algae Lycophytes Ferns Seed plants Mosses & Hornworts Liverworts Seedless Vascular Plants (Ch. 17) Bryophytes (Ch. 16) Green Algae (Protista, Ch. 15) •Streptophytes Gymnosperms & Angiosperms (Ch. 18-20) Green Algae Exhibit a range of growth forms: Exhibit Chlorococcum: unicellular Chlorococcum: unicellular Green Algae Filamentous green algae Filamentous Green Algae Volvox: a spheroid colony Volvox Green Algae Ulva: (p. 352; 334) Ulva (p. 352 334 Thalus growth form. Thalus Marine Marine Edible (Seaweed salad) Green Algae Chara & relatives: “Sister Chara relatives group”...
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