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Region one of earths most one abundant plants

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Unformatted text preview: of Earth's most One abundant plants. Sphagnum-derived peat* Sphagnum-derived holds up to 1/3 global carbon! carbon! Past/ present uses: Past/ diapers, bandages, horticultural soil additive. horticultural Peat mining in northern Peat bogs (Canada, Great Lakes region). *Peat = accumulated undecomposed organic matter (often remains of Sphagnum) found in certain types of wetlands (bogs). Sphagnum Habitat in East Texas: Spring fed Seeps Spring Herbaceous seep Forested seep Seedless Vascular Plants (Ch. 17) (Ch. Vascular plants (conducting tissues: xylem & phloem): Vascular Originated in Devonian (408-387 M.Y.A). Originated Tracheophytes: branch of embryophyte lineage Strong selection in Devonian for plants that produced Strong large numbers of spores. large 2 strategies: many small sporphytes (bryophyte way). Big, branched sporophytes (vascular plant way). Lignin (allows rigid structures, height). Sporophyte generation becomes dominant. Seedless Vascular Plants (Ch. 17) (Ch. Do not possess se...
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