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1 What Does Writing Mean? What does writing mean to me?My writing experience was not so good in high school, but I started progressing over the years. I feel like writing is the most important thing in and out because you use writing everywhere. I only was writing if I had assignments at school. However, I love to read books and enjoy how the writers put their stories together. I know writingis the basis which one's work, learning, and intellect will be judged in college, in the workplace and in the community My current experience with writing will be challenging but I am excited to learn. Writing is theability to express yourself in exactly the wayyouwish to. Speaking is hard to do sometimes in classes or a press. Youare expected to convey your ideas quickly but eloquently for another person, which can be fraught with danger.Youare relying on the other person to interpret whatyousay in the wayyouwant it to be interpreted.Sometimes, before I
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