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A Definition - Schwartz 1 Meagen Schwartz Mr Bancroft...

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Schwartz 1 Meagen Schwartz Mr. Bancroft English 121 October 15, 2007 A Definition “Open this motherf****** door right now!” he demanded. I sucked in a breath and recalled the night’s events. A caravan of vehicles punched through the now drifting snow. Gales of white plastered every inch of my car that was exposed. Was this determination or some form of stupidity? An abandoned cabin was our destination and no potentially deadly drive would be the inhibitor to our fun. My backseat was decorated with the essentials- ping pong balls, my pillow, and my Columbia boots. On this nippy blizzard of a January night, we decided to drive the thirty- something miles out to a rickety hut of a place. The snow crunched between the ridges of my boots as I hunted aimlessly for the door. Twenty nine degrees: the temperature outside, and regrettably the temperature inside as well, but nonetheless the drinks began. Tonight was about pure class—shots of Rich and Rare Premium Canadian Whiskey out of Solo cups, which were accompanied by sour faces and a “Come on Meag” and a “Just drink it”. After running a few acronyms through my mind (which included D.A.R.E. and W.W.J.D?) and taking a whiff of the beverage dubbed “Premium,” I handed out a few excuses of "No thanks," and "Not tonight." Exploring the shack for something to cure my chill, I slipped into a pair of XXL sweatpants that
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This note was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course ENG 121 taught by Professor Bancroft during the Spring '08 term at Alma College.

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A Definition - Schwartz 1 Meagen Schwartz Mr Bancroft...

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