Areolar areolar tissue is found in the subc uta neous

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Unformatted text preview: ng ed between the cell types. Areolar - Areolar tissue is found in the subc uta neous (under the skin) layer. Adipose - These are our "fat cells." They are found anywhere areolar tissue is found. Adipose tissue is our stored energy reserves, insulates us from te mperature extremes, and, it is an excellent protective cushion. Reticular - Reticular tissue for ms the supporting str ucture, or stroma, of many organs. This func tion is much li ke the internal bea ms supporting a house or buildi ng. Dense Connective Tissue 6. Identify each dense connective tissue type, again, by sight. Note how these tissues contain more numerous, and thicker, fibers arrayed densely among considerably fewer c ells. Dense Regular - Found in tendons and ligaments, this tissue can withstand tension along the axis of the fibers. Lateral tension can result in tears or strains. Dense Irregular - Generally found in sheets underly ing the epider mis (skin). This tissue withsta nds pulling forces from various directions. Elastic - Found in the lungs and elastic arteries, this tissue can recoil to its or...
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