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Canaliculi are small tunnels connecting lacunae

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Unformatted text preview: n osteon, it contains bl ood vesels and nerves. Canaliculi are small tunnels connecting lacunae : provides a pathway for the exchange be twee n osteocytes. Os teocyte – is a cell that maintains bony tissue Spongy (Ca ncellous) Bone - Again, define or describe each of the following: Function To support and protect red bone marrow. Trabeculae - is the structural unit of spongy bone. They are in an irregular lattice shape. Space pr ovided in betwee n the Tra becule structure to holed red bone marrow. Blood Tissue 11. It may be difficult to think of blood as a tissue because it is fluid. It is a connective tissue, however, wi th two basic types of cells suspende d in a fluid matrix. It clearly "connects" to every part of our body, too! Using your CD, ide ntify each of the following and determi ne their function(s): Plasma The ma trix of the bl ood, mostly water but also contains sugars, protein, gas and ions. RBCs (erythrocytes) Transporst oxygen to the tissues. WBCs (leukocytes) responds when the body in inv aded by microrganis ms Platelets - plays a maj...
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