Cartilage 7 first consult your text to identify the

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Unformatted text preview: iginal dimensions after stretching. Cartilage 7. First, consult your text to identify the following and determi ne what they do: Chondrocytes -are the cells of mature cartilage. They occur alone or in gr oups withi n the spaces called lacunae . Lacunae – small spaces in the extra cellular matrix. Perichondrium - a me mbrane of dense irregular connec tive tissue 8. Examine each type of cartilage from the CD. Once again, learn to identify these by sight. 9. Cartilage matrix consists of a dense network of collagen and elastic fibers embedde d in chondroitin sulfate, a rubbery compone nt of the ground substa nce. Cartilage withstands more stress than either loose or dense connective tissues. Hyaline - This is the most common cartilage in the body. It provides flexibility, support, cus hioning, a nd reduces friction at the joints. The fine collagen fibe rs are not visible with ordinary staining techniques. Due to its level of flexibility, hyaline cartilage is the weakest of the cartilage types. Fibrocartilage - Found in the inter-vertebral discs, fibrocartilage combines strength and rigidity to be t...
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