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Collagen fibers are clearly visible between the

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Unformatted text preview: he strongest of the cartilage types. Collagen fibers are clearly visible between the chondr ocytes. Elastic - Found in structures needing strength a nd elasticity, like the outer ear, elastic cartilage is the most flexible of the three types. Elastic fibers are visible betwee n the chondrocytes. Bone (Osseous) Tissue 10. Examine the following on y our CD. Re me mber, click on the red words to progress for more information on that structure. Compact Bone - Define or descri be each of the following for compact bone: Compact bone func tion - Supports soft tissue, protect internal orga ns, acts as a lever during muscle contr action, storage of calcium and phosphate, resists stresses produced by weight & move me nt Os teon - a structural unit of c ompact bone, aligne d in the same direction along the stress lines Lamellae - ring shape d layer of collagen and calcified matrix within the oste on. Lacunae is the space between the lamellae housing an osteocyte. Haversian Canal – also known as the “central canal” It is the central region of a...
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