Identify the function for each type of connective

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Unformatted text preview: compression. Identify the function for each type of connective fiber: Reticular – a fiber that provides a supportive fra me work or str oma for or gans like the liver, spleen lymph nodes and bone marrow as well as help for m base me nt me mbra nes. Elastic can stretch to 1 ½ ti mes their length and recoil back like a rubber band. They also add strength and stability, Collagen Collagen fi bers are strong yet flexible, providing resistance to tension stretch a nd pressure. 4. Using the text as a guide, identify the cells found in connective tissue: fibroblasts most numerous cells that are large flat cells with branching process. They are present in several connecting tissues, They migrate throug h connectice tissue and secrete fibers and ground substances of the extracellular matrix. macrophages are a type of white blood cell known as monocytes. Have an irregular shape. Engulf bacteria and cellular debris by phagocytosis. Wandering macrophages can move through out the tissue. Fixed Macrophages reside in a particular tissues plasma cells -are small cells that develop fr om a type of white blood cell calle...
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