Plasma cells secrete antibodies they are an impor

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Unformatted text preview: d B lynphocytes. Plasma cells secrete antibodies, they are an impor tant part of the immune response. Although found in ma ny places in the body most r eside in connective tissue. They are also abundant in bone marrow, spleen, salivary glands and ly mph nodes. mast cells - are abundant along side blood vessels that supply connective tissue. They produce hista mine a che mical that helps the body react to injury or infection. They can also bind and ingest bacteria. adipocytes - also known as fat cells. They are connective tissue that store fats. They are found deep in the skind a nd around organs such as heart and kidney used for insulation and protection white blood cells – are not found in great numbers in connec tive tissue. Some gather at the site of infections while others will migrate to site of parasitic invasion. Loose Connective Tissue 5. Identify each tissue type, by sight. You are expected to identify these tissues and will be asked to do so on your tests. Note how the fibers are "loosely" arra...
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