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connectivetissue - Connective Tissues Directions Insert and...

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Connective Tissues Directions: Insert and install your Interactions: Foundations CD. a. Click the "Contents" button. b. Open the Tissue Level of Organization file. c. Click on Anatomy Overviews. d. Work through Connective Tissues. Complete the following worksheet and add it to your notes. Interactions Foundations CD/Contents/Tissue Level/Anatomy Overviews/Connective Tissues 1. What are the functions of connective tissue? to connect and bind other tissues and organs together. They provide structural and nutritional support, maintain form and shape, provide insulation & protection for the body. It also defends the body against harmful agents . Cell Matrix 2. Describe the function of fibroblasts . Fibroblasts are cells that synthesize the components of the connective tissue matrix including the protein fibers and ground substance. 3. What is ground substance? What is its function? Ground substance is the component of connective tissue between the cells and the fibers It provides a support medium for the exchange of substances between the connective tissue cells and blood and it resists compression. Identify the function for each type of connective fiber: Reticular – a fiber that provides a supportive framework or stroma for organs like the liver, spleen lymph nodes and bone marrow as well as help form basement membranes. Elastic - can stretch to 1 ½ times their length and recoil back like a rubber band. They also add strength and stability,
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Collagen - Collagen fibers are strong yet flexible, providing resistance to tension stretch and pressure. 4. Using the text as a guide, identify the cells found in connective tissue: fibroblasts most numerous cells that are large flat cells with branching process. They are present in several connecting tissues, They migrate through connectice tissue and secrete fibers and ground substances of the extracellular matrix.
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