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Homeschool Essay - WRIT 122 Revolutionizing Education...

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WRIT 122 February 10, 2008 Revolutionizing Education Imagine when you were in elementary and high school. Do you remember waking up each morning at the crack of dawn so you could trudge out of bed, shower, do you hair, wolf down your breakfast and sprint out to catch the bus? All this hassle just so you could go to school. And similar to every other kid you most likely hated sitting at school for six hours a day, learning about lackluster subjects that you loathed. What if it were different? How about waking up around nine in the morning, going down stairs and sitting at you dining room table still in you pajamas, geared up to initiate another enjoyable day of school? And as a replacement for boring curriculum of subjects that will in all likelihood put you to sleep, you get to learn about what excites and interests you most. Everyday students are doing just this. Home schooling has revolutionized the way children are learning. Home schooling allows children the freedom to learn about what interests them. Also, home schooling offers students to receive a custom tailored education. Furthermore, home schooled children are smarter. In addition, children who are home schooled have the option to have religion incorporated into their learning. As well, home schooled children are more socially developed than their public schooled counterparts. Home schooling offers children a more enriched learning experience than in traditional public
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schools. Many children loose interests in public schools because they don’t often get the chance to learn more about what excites them. “One of the joys of home-education is that one has the freedom to pursue things that already excite a child.” (Bartholomew) Home schooling allows children to learn anything that they want, but when they discover one subject that sparks their interest, they can take the subject to an even deeper level of learning. When that one subject is found that the child finds interesting, it can be used to teach the child other subjects that may not
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Homeschool Essay - WRIT 122 Revolutionizing Education...

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