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Endangered Species Essay - WRIT 122 Feb. 17, 2008...

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WRIT 122 Feb. 17, 2008 Disappearing Act Everyday researchers are tromping through thick, lush rainforests. Rainforests hold a treasure trove of new species of plants and animals, just waiting to be discovered. But a dilemma is growing, not only in the rainforests, but all over the world. Species are disappearing, their numbers growing lesser and lesser each day. In the United States alone, 1,233 species of plants and animals are listed as threatened or endangered. (Cooper) This means that these species numbers are less than thriving; they are going on the brink of extinction. Are we actually doing enough to help save the earth’s species? Or will we lose them? Extinction is a process that has occurred well before man even came about. And while many environmentalists are arguing that man is the contributor to species loss, skeptics point the blame to nature. “Extinction has occurred as long as there has been life, and life has come back every time.” These skeptics often accuse activists of presenting flawed and inaccurate information, trying to prevent humans into using resources and frightening them into believing humanity is endangered as well. While extinction may be a natural process, it is not natural to be losing species before they are discovered. “Biologists cannot quantify… the number of mostly unknown animals plants, fungi, and other organisms that are vanishing.” And the only way that we are finding these lost species is in the fossil record, when it is far too late to try and help them. To protect the world species raises the great concern of costs. Many skeptics are concerned with the cost to humans that it takes to protect the world’s species. For example, under section 9 in the Endangered Species Act, “It is illegal for a private landowner to engage in
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activities that could “harm” an endangered species, including habitat modification, without first obtaining a federal permit.” This hurts landowners because when an endangered species moves onto their property, it basically becomes a protected habitat. If the landowner is a farmer, logger, or has bought a piece of vacant land so they can build upon it, they are forbidden, unless permission is asked first. Therefore, these landowner are put a tremendous debit to themselves, to own a piece of land, and not be able to use it towards earning money, on living on, which may have been their original intention. While humans may feel like they are being displaced, the cost of protecting the world’s species may very well save us in the end. Imagine the vast number of species there are in the world. Many of these species may be unknown, or not well studied. One of these species could be the answer to a cure for cancer, a way to fight starvation, or provide us with a clean burning
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Endangered Species Essay - WRIT 122 Feb. 17, 2008...

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