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Atoms Quiz 1 - 12 amu is called a mass number c isotopic...

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CHEM 120 Chapter 3 Atoms and Elements Practice Quiz 1 Name ________________________________ (1pt) 1. According to Dalton's atomic theory a) matter is made up of very tiny indivisible particles called atoms b) atoms combine to form elements (1pt) 2. What is the main difference between a proton and a neutron? A proton is positively charged and a neutron is neutral (has no charge) (1pt) 3. The fact that some of the alpha particles were deflected Rutherford determined that atoms have a) different masses c) a small dense positive nucleus b) electrons d) no charge (1pt) 4. What is an isotope? Isotopes are atoms of the same element with the same number of protons and same number of electrons but different number of neutrons (1pt) 5. The mass of an element using a relative scale where C-12 has a mass of exactly
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Unformatted text preview: 12 amu is called a) mass number c) isotopic mass b) atomic mass d) molecular mass (1pt) 6. Completion a) Horizontal rows in the periodic table periods b) Elements to the right of the stair-step line in the periodic table mostly nonmetals (1pt) 7. Write complete isotopic symbols for atoms with the following characteristic: a) sodium atom with 12 neutrons 11 Na 23 (1pt) 8. Draw the electron dot symbol for carbon. You need to draw C with four single dots around it (2pts) 9.Gallium has two naturally occurring isotopes Ga-69 and Ga-71. Calculate the atomic mass for gallium if gallium consists of 60.12% (68.9257 amu) and 39.88% (70.9249 amu). 69.72 amu...
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Atoms Quiz 1 - 12 amu is called a mass number c isotopic...

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