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8 who discovered nitrocellulose 9 name the igniter

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Unformatted text preview: Combustions produce large volumes of gas. e. The Challenger contained liquid hydrogen. 3. In 1862, Friedrich Wohler discovered . 4. In 1893, Thomas Wilson discovered , which is used to produce . 5. The most powerful conventional explosive is . IT is made by mixing and . 6. The first explosive ever created was black powder. Upon explosion, black powder produces times its own volume and the shockwave travels at km/hour. 7. The measure used to describe the concentration of alcohol is called . 8. Who discovered nitrocellulose? 9. Name the igniter material that was used long ago in guns. 10. Ascanio Sobrero discovered by mixing with and . 11. Alfred Nobel strived to find a way to make less unstable. 12. is the most used explosive. 13. Fritz Haber found a way to convert , which is ab...
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