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The best way to remove a blood is stain is by very

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Unformatted text preview: tion? 18. Which of the following would you use to clean the rust off a kettle? a. Silvo b. Tartaric acid c. Hydrogen peroxide d. 2 ­butoxyethanol e. Javex 19. Look at these two statements and answer whether each is true or false. If both statements are true, are they causally related to each other? i. The best way to remove a blood is stain is by very quickly immersing it in cold water. ii. Hemoglobin precipitates out in a hot water solution. a. i. True, ii. False b. i. False, ii. True c. i. True, ii. True, unrelated d. i. True, ii. True, related e. i. False, ii. False 20. Rust removers are: 1) A, C 2) A, B, C 3) B, D 4) A, E 5) A, B, C, D, E a. Caustic products b. Chelating agents c. Convert Fe3+ into Fe2+ d. Contain amyl acetate e. Convert Fe2+ into Fe3+ 21. What is the name of the extremely...
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