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True unrelated d i true ii true related e i false

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Unformatted text preview: bad tasting substance that is added to many cleaning products to avoid accidental poisoning by ingestion? 22. Look at these two statements and answer whether each is true or false. If both statements are true, are they causally related to each other? i. Mixing cleaning products can be extremely hazardous. ii. Sodium hypochlorite and trichloroisocynuric acid are chlorinating agents. a. i. True, ii. False b. i. False, ii. True c. i. True, ii. True, unrelated d. i. True, ii. True, related e. i. False, ii. False Power 1. Combustion generally requires , and an ignitant. 2. Which of the following is false: a. Lycopodium, a highly combustible plant material, reflects what occurred in the Grain Elevator Explosion. b. As long as a fuel, an oxygen source and an ignitant are present, combustion will definitely occur. c. The Hindenburg exploded due to highly flammable hydrogen. d....
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