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B detergents are used in hard water to avoid the

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Unformatted text preview: ter. 8. Which of the following is false: a. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium while soft water doesn’t. b. Detergents are used in hard water to avoid the formation of precipitates. c. Phosphates are added to detergents because they are stain removers. d. Detergents and soaps both have a hydrophobic tail and a hydrophilic head. e. Biological detergents are very ineffective in hot water. 9. Which of the following is true: a. The more a detergent foams, the more effective it will be. b. Sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium silicate are detergents in dish washing liquid. c. Solvents, like 2 ­butoxyethanol, can enhance the function of detergents. d. TANG is an alkaline mixture that dissolves scum inside dishwashing machines. e. Soaps, but not detergents, act as surfactants. 10. With regards to dry cleaning: 1) A, C 2)A, B, C 3)B, D...
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