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D some regions are beginning to outlaw classic dry

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Unformatted text preview: 4) A, B, C, D 5) A, B, C, D, E a. Perchloroethylene is the hydrocarbon solvent classically used. b. Compounds normally used in dry cleaning are toxic. c. Alternatives to dry cleaning are wet cleaning and liquid CO2. d. Some regions are beginning to outlaw classic dry cleaning solvents. e. Sodium medicyclate is commonly used as an abrasive in dry cleaning. 11. Oxidizing agents, chelating agents and silver polish clean by: a. Abrasion b. Dissolution c. Detergency d. Chemical reactions e. Absorption 12. All heavy duty bathroom cleaners contain some kind of (acid or base?) 13. Chemically, Windex contains . 14. Chemically, Drano contains . 15. Chemically, Borateen contains 16. Chemically, Lysol contains . . 17. What is the name of the agent that works by clawing around calcium and magnesium metal ions and keeping them in solu...
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