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4 it is the diluted venom of the bushmaster snake 5

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Unformatted text preview: ion proposed by René Propser Blondlot. They did not exist. 2. e 3. It is the basic idea of homeopathy that states that more diluted a substance, the more potent it becomes. 4. It is the diluted venom of the bushmaster snake. 5. It is a dilution factor where the ‘x’ indicates 10. 30x means that the original substance was diluted 30 times by a factor of 10. 6. 30c because it is more diluted and therefore more potent according to the law of infinitesimals. 7. Samuel Hahnemann 8. Claimed that the water in which the original medicine was in had acquired properties to give rise to a biological response. 9. antibodies 10. It contains Anas Barbarae Hepatis and Cordis extractum. This preparation is made from extract of liver and heart of ducks. But remember, very diluted. 11. March 23, 1989. They said they had discovered cold fusion at room temperature. They knew that Steven Jones was doing similar work at another university and that he would send a scientific paper to Nature on March 24, 1989. They didn’t want Steven Jones to get the credit....
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