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9 the tokyo metro has just been terrorized with a

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Unformatted text preview: ract. 9. The Tokyo Metro has just been terrorized with a nerve gas called sarin. Which would be effective antidote(s)? 1) a&b 2)b&d 3)b&c&e 4)e 5)c&d&e a) A very diluted amount of sarin, as dictated by homeopathic doctrine b) An analog of acetylcholine c) An anticholinergic drug (a drug that blocks the action of acetylcholine) d) Belladonna e) Atropine 10. Gas chromatography is a technique. technique, while mass spectrometry is an 11. The ‘Stalling Affair’ is notorious for misidentification of . for 12. Which of the following is false regarding thallium: a) Graham Young experimented with this element to explore its poisonous properties. b) Thallium is an insidious substance. c) Thallium leads to neurological problems. d) Thallium ions are similar in size to calcium ions, therefore interfering with nerve activity. e) Saddam Hussein used thallium as his poison of choice. 13. Which of the following is true: a) Insulin is required by our bodies for blood sugar balance and has never been associated with a crime. b) Cyanide is more poisonous than ricin, since the lethal dose for cyanid...
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