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Toxicology+Wishful Science

Toxicology+Wishful Science - Toxicology 1 A criminal is...

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Toxicology 1. A criminal is being charged on the basis a shoe print. What would be the best guess for the brand of shoe he was wearing? a)Addidas b)Nike c)Converse d)Timberland e)Bruno Magli 2. Name one murderer who was convicted thanks to odontology. 3. John List was killer notorious for having been caught thanks to what technique? 4. Which one of the following is true: a) Poisons are a relatively new feature of human history, only coming into play in the past 500 years. b) Captain Richard Mader was poisoned by thallium after having received a package that promised to help his virility. c) The active ingredient in hemlock plants is atropine. d) In the right dose, even water can be considered a poison. e) Conine was used as eye makeup by women long ago because it dilated their pupils and made them beautiful. 5. This person is considered the first toxicologist and wrote a book in the 1820s: a) Mateu Orfila b) Marge Lafarge c) Soko Ashara d) Socrates e) Sherlock Holmes 6. During the Renaissance, an insidious way of killing someone might involve Agua Toffina. At the time, there were no tests to detect this, making it an ideal poison. What is the main killer involved in this poison? a)Polonium b)Thallium c)Arsenic oxide d)Mercuric chloride e) Lead carbonate
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7. British Anti-Lewisite (BAL) is a useful antidote for arsenic poisoning because: a) It has the same thiol (S-H) groups as enzymes in our body do. b) It has less affinity for arsenious acid than enzymes in our body do. c) It displaces water and attaches itself to enzymes in our body, thus blocking endogenous enzymatic action.
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Toxicology+Wishful Science - Toxicology 1 A criminal is...

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