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C alexander litvininko would have had a much better

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Unformatted text preview: e is lower than that of ricin. c) Alexander Litvininko would have had a much better chance of survival if the polonium was rubbed on him rather than ingested. d) Ricin is a synthetic poison with a very complex molecular structure. e) The lethal dose of polonium is 1 mg. 14. If you were a criminal mastermind looking for the perfect poison, you would NOT choose a substance that is: a) colorless b) impossible for the body to metabolize c) soluble d) odorless e) without taste 15. Which of the following is true with regards to Dimethylnitrosoamine (DMNA): 1) A 2) A+C 3) B+D 4) D 5) E a) It accumulates in the fatty compartments of the body. b) Given acutely, DMNA can cause cancer. c) Given in small amounts periodically, DMNA can cause liver failure. d) DMNA is a known carcinogen. e) None of the above. Answers (Toxicology) 1. b) (60% of shoe prints found at the crime scene are Nike) 2. Ted Bundy or Wayne Boden. 3. Forensic aging. 4. d) 5. a) 6. c) 7. a) 8. c) 9. 5) 10. Separation; Identification 11. Propionic acid; Ethylene glycol 12.d) 13.c) 14.b) 15. 4) Wishful Science 1.What are (i) N ­rays an...
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