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Unformatted text preview: . X-ray diffraction can be used to restore paintings. 19. Dendrochronolgy is a dating technique that works by measurement of . 20. Suppose I wanted to date a fossil that is suspected as being over 100 million years old. Would carbon 14 dating be appropriate? Explain. 21. What is the principle difference between Isotope Counts (MACS) and C14 dating? 22. Van Meegeran was a Dutch artist who forged which artist’s paintings? 23. How would an authentic painting react differently to the alcohol test than a fake painting? 24. In order to fool the alcohol test, Van Meegeran applied to his paintings. 25. was the first person to have gold coins minted. 26. Because of the characteristic color pure gold left when rubbed against it, made gold currency possible. 27. The latin word for gold is . 28. The word “gibberish” was derived from the name of this famous A...
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