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Unformatted text preview: oncerning photography of paintings is true: 1) a,c 2) c, e 3) b, d 4) b, c, d 5) e a. Macro photography is an invasive technique. b. Infrared photography can elucidate the true author of a painting. c. The presence of craquelures can be best revealed by infrared photography. d. UV photography can identify certain pigments. e. X-ray photography can expose the underlying charcoal sketches of a painting. 16. “My Love for World of Chemistry” is a painting that supposedly dates back 200 years, where it was painted with Indian Yellow. The National Art Gallery has asked you to authenticate the painting. What photography technique will you use, given the information that has been provided. a. Macro photography b. Infrared photography c. Ultraviolet photography d. X-ray photography e. Light photography 17. Based on how well you authenticated the last painting, the National...
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