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E x raydiffractioncanbeusedtorestorepaintings 19

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Unformatted text preview: Art Gallery has asked you to verify another work called “The 1/7th Factor”. We know this work dates back 1800 years and we expect the wooden background which supports the painting to have become degraded by worms (that is, if the painting is authentic). What photography technique will you use, given the information that has been provided. a. Macro photography b. Infrared photography c. Ultraviolet photography d. X-ray photography e. Light photography 18. Which of the following is false: a. Since synthetic ultramarine is chemically the same as natural ultramarine, it is impossible to tell if a forger has used the synthetic version. b. Forgers use egg whites to dry on paintings in order to emulate the craquelures, which authentic paintings acquire with age. c. Unlike X-ray photography, X-ray diffraction is an invasive technique. d. The pigment Mummy was made from ground up mummies. e...
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