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Unformatted text preview: rab alchemist. 29. If you take iron and mix it with a solution of copper sulfate, you end up with which resembles gold in appearance. 30. Hennig Brandt wanted to isolate gold from . 31. Instead, all Brandt really ended up isolating was the element . 32. Iron pyrite (iron sulfide) is also known more commonly as . 33. Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world? 34. Name two methods of isolating gold from mines. 35. In the cyanide process, what is added to the cyanide/gold solution in order to precipitate the gold? 36. Where does the US keep its gold supply? 37. What is the major use for gold today? 38. What is the only substance that can dissolve gold? How is this substance made? 39. What elements are mixed to make green gold? 40. Where can the biggest deposit of gold be found? 41. Albert...
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