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Abstract - Ethanol Article

Abstract - Ethanol Article - ethanol it could replace oil...

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WRIT 122 28 Feb. 2008 Important Ethanol, Not Oil Background Lester B. Lave is a Professor of Economics and University Professor; a Director, Carnegie Mellon Green Design Initiative, and works at the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center. He has published several books about the environment. Michael W. Griffin has served 14 years as the Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Highland, Indiana. Michael also graduated from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Northwest earning a Masters of Public (Administration) Affairs (M.P.A.) with a concentration in public management with work in finance. Analysis This article covers information about ethanol and how it is a better fuel than gasoline. The authors talk about the different things that can be turned into ethanol (other than just corn). There is also a big section about how Brazil has been working with ethanol and it shows some examples of prices and how much ethanol they could produce. Another big point of the article is that if we switch to
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Unformatted text preview: ethanol, it could replace oil by 2016. They play not only the “save the world card” in this article, but the “better for the economy and you card” as well. Evaluation This is a very effective piece. I think the authors play America’s ambition to overtake other countries a lot here. With the large part about Brazil, it could alone be the big persuasion point for people in America to start producing ethanol by the barrels (who would want a small poor country like Brazil beating America in the newest fuel race?). Another effective piece was mentioning that gas prices in Brazil (for the ethanol) run cheap – a dollar of less a gallon. Response I think that this is a very effective article concerning ethanol. People in America are getting fed up over barbaric gasoline prices, and I think if we all made the switch to ethanol, it would not only benefit our wallets, but our world as well....
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