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WRIT 122 January 26, 2008 “Update: Home Schooling” Background The article that I selected did not have one particular author. It is an article that uses many authors works put together to supply you with all the information given. All of the authors’ pieces that were used in my article came from other articles about homeschooling. The intention of this piece is to give an update about homeschooling, and to support positive and negative views of it. I believe that this article is intended for those in opposition to home schooling, as there are many points in it that would help to influence them that home schooling is a fine thing. Analysis The basic claim to this article would be that home schooling is on the increase. The author first starts with statistical information on how numbers of home schooled children have grown. Next they go on to explain the rise of home schooling, the home schooling movement and organizations that helped home schooling become what it is today. Next they go on to both
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