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Book Share 1: Modern Fantasy The White Mountains Written By: John Christopher Published By: The MacMillan Company, New York Date: 1967 Intended Age Group: Ages 8-12 Summary: This story takes place in the distant future. The world is dominated by giant Tripods. When a boy or girl turns fourteen, they are taken by the Tripods and Capped. The main character of the book, Will sets off with his cousin Henry and a new found friend named “Beanpole” to the White Mountains. Here is a land where the Tripods do not rule, and people can think and work for themselves. Specific Evaluation: This story fits the definition of modern fantasy because it takes place in a different world (even though it is set on Earth, it is much different than the Earth we know now)
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Unformatted text preview: and there is the timeless battle between good and evil (The freethinkers like Will, and the controlling Tripods). What made this good book for me was the struggle the boys face to reach the White Mountains, and seeing things in the book that are common for us today, but as the boys find things like a railroad, or grenades, they are clueless to their uses. This book would be good for children because the main characters are children, and since there are no pictures, you really have to use your imagination to visualize the Tripods. I think the special quality of this book is that it is told mostly through Will’s eyes, and you really get to connect with him....
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