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Book Share 1 - Traditional Literature

Book Share 1 - Traditional Literature - another...

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Book Share 1: Traditional Literature Tasty Baby Belly Buttons Written By: Judy Sierra Illustrated By: Meilo So Published By: Alfred A Knopf, INC And Random House, INC Date: 1999 Intended Age Group: Ages 4-7 Summary: A girl born from a melon named Uriko-hime has to save all the babies in her village from the evil, belly button eating Oni monsters. Specific Evaluation: The great use of imagination and heroism of the little girl are great ideas for children to learn. This would be a good book for children because it teaches them a folktale from
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Unformatted text preview: another country (Japan) and opens their eyes to another culture. What was special to me in this book was the way that Uriko work with the animals to defeat the Oni. The pictures in this book were beautiful watercolor. They displayed great use of color, texture, and humor. The illustrations work great in this book because they help what may be a scary situation to some children, become one of fun and humor....
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