Che 103 chapter3

Acids arrhenius definition produce haq in water

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Unformatted text preview: ompounds • Salts (ionic compounds): Composed of a metal and non metal element(s). • Acids: Arrhenius definition Produce H+(aq) in water Examples: HCl, HNO3, HC2H3O2 • Bases: Arrhenius definition Produce OH−(aq) in water Examples: NaOH, Ba(OH)2, NH3 Classifying Compounds • Molecular Compounds: • Covalently bonded atoms, not acids, bases or salts. • Compounds like alcohols (C2H5OH) or table sugar (C6H12O6) • These never break up into ions. Classifying Compounds • Classify the following as ionic, molecular, acid or base. Reactions in Aqueous Solutions Aqueous Solutions: Water is the solvent Aqueous Solution = solute That which is dissolved (lesser amount) + solvent solvent That which dissolves (greater amount) There are three types of aqueous solutions: Those with Strong Electrolytes Strong Those with Weak Electrolytes Weak & those with non-Electrolytes non-Electrolytes Ionic Compounds (CuCl2) in Water Ionic Strong Electrolyte When ions are present in water, the solutions conduct electricity! conduct Ions in solution are called ELECTROLYTES ELE...
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