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Weak ch3co2haq ch3co2 aq haq non electrolytes some

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Unformatted text preview: 3O (aq) × Weak Electrolytes Acetic acid ionizes only to a small extent, so it is a weak electrolyte. weak CH3CO2H(aq) → CH3CO2-(aq) + H+(aq) Non-Electrolytes Some compounds dissolve in water but do not conduct electricity. They are non-electrolytes. non-electrolytes Examples include: •sugar •ethanol •ethylene glycol Non-electrolytes do not Non-electrolytes dissociate into ions! dissociate Species in Solution: Electrolytes Species Electrolytes Strong electrolytes: Characterized by ions only (cations & anions) in solution (water). Conduct electricity well Weak electrolytes: Characterized by ions (cations & anions) & molecules in solution. Conduct electricity poorly Non-electrolytes: Characterized by molecules in solution. Do not conduct electricity Solutes in Aqueous Solutions Solutes Solubility Rules How do we know if a compound will be soluble in water? water? For molecular compounds, the molecule must be molecular polar. polar Polarity: separation of charge caused by a nonuniform...
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