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Mass extinction abstract

Mass extinction abstract - WRIT 122"Mass Extinction...

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WRIT 122 February 12, 2008 “Mass Extinction” Background Mass Extinction is an article written my Mary H. Cooper. Cooper specializes in environment, energy, and defense issues. I believe that Cooper was writing this article in regards to congress and business leaders having divided opinions about extinction. I believe her audience is anyone concerned about or wanting to learn about mass extinction. Analysis “The world is facing the largest wave of plant and animal extinctions since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.” This is the first sentence of the article and I believe that it is also the main claim. Cooper includes numerous statistical information and quotes from scientist and groups in her article. I believe that Cooper is really trying to get her point across that something needs to be done. Cooper includes many of the ideas surrounding extinction, but I feel that she lacks covering the opposing view point. She does not include how some may feel that extinction
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