What is heterospory do all seed plants have

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Unformatted text preview: and sexual reproduction in eukaryotes. What is the relationship of LGT to phylogeny reconstruction? How is it different than convergent evolution? • What is quorum sensing? What are the main steps in quorum sensing? Why is it important? • What is a biofilm? What are the steps in producing a biofilm? • What is a virus? What are the main components of a virus? Understand the basic virus “life cycle”. What are the main hypotheses on the origin of viruses? • Understand the process of endosymbiosis and the use of phylogenetic trees for studying endosymbiosis. • Know the differences between haplontic, diplontic, and alternation of generation life cycles. Plantae • Understand the major differences between the Glaucophytes, Red Algae and Green Plants. • What event defines the group Plantae? • Understand the term Embryophyte (Land Plant) and the alternations of generations life cycle these organisms have. 2 BIS 2C Winter 2014 • What features do liverworts. mosses and hornworts share? • What is vascular tissue? Know the importance of this tissue for a land habit. • What is heterospory? Do all seed plants have heterospory? • When were str...
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