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Unformatted text preview: set)</td> < td cla ss=3Dtext>&nbsp < td cla ss=3Dtext>&nbsp < td cla ss=3Dtext>&nbsp < /tr> < tr cla ss=3Dro> < td cla ss=3Dpl va lign=3Dtop>Pension a djustment, Before-ta x a mount</td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>$ 23,129 <spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>$ 20,4 4 1<spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dtext><spa n></spa n></td> < /tr> < /ta ble> < /body> </html> ------=_NextPa rt_1e54 2b9 3_005a _4 4 20_a 11d_24 4 3c1b6 6 e70 Content-Loca tion: file:///C:/1e54 2b9 3_005a _4 4 20_a 11d_24 4 3c1b6 6 e70/Worksheets/Sheet54 .html Content-Tra nsfer-Encoding: quoted-printa ble Content-Type: text/html <html> < hea d> < META http-equiv=3DContent-Type content=3D'text/html < body> < ta ble cla ss=3Dreport id=3DID0ECNAC> < tr> < th cla ss=3Dtl colspa n=3D1 rowspa n=3D1><strong>Employee Benefit Pla ns - Summa ry of a mounts recogniz ed in consolida ted ba la nce sheets consist of (Deta ils) (USD $)<br>In Thousa...
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