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Unformatted text preview: Worksheet> < x:Na me>Significa nt_Accounting_Policie4 </x:Na me> < x:WorksheetSource HRef=3D"Worksheets/Sheet34 .html"/> < /x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:Na me>Significa nt_Accounting_Policie5</x:Na me> < x:WorksheetSource HRef=3D"Worksheets/Sheet35.html"/> < /x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:Na me>Accounts_Receiva ble_Summa ry_of</x:Na me> < x:WorksheetSource HRef=3D"Worksheets/Sheet36 .html"/> < /x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:Na me>Accounts_Receiva ble_Summa ry_of1</x:Na me> < x:WorksheetSource HRef=3D"Worksheets/Sheet37.html"/> < /x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:Na me>Inventories_Deta ils_Textua ls</x:Na me> < x:WorksheetSource HRef=3D"Worksheets/Sheet38.html"/> < /x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:ExcelWorksheet> < x:Na me>Property_Pla nt_a nd_Equipment_S</x:Na me> < x:Worksheet...
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