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Unformatted text preview: : Business Segment Informa tion</font></div> font-siz e: 10pt >RPC&#8217 s service lines ha ve been a ggregaTechnica l Servicesble oilSupport s services segments &#8212 ted into two reporta a nd a nd ga Services &#8212 font-siz e: 10pt >&#16 0 Technica l Services include RPC&#8217 nd ga s service lines tha t utiliz e people a nd equipment to perform va lue-a dded completion, production a nd ma intena nce services directly to a customer&#8217 s oil a font-siz e: 10pt >Support Services include RPC&#8217 >The a ccounting policies of the reporta ble segments a re the sa me a s those described in Note 1 to these consolida ted fina ncia l sta tements. RPC eva lua tes the performa nce of its segments ba sed on revenues, opera ting profits a nd return on invested ca pita l.&#16 0 &#16 0 >Summa riz ed fina ncia l informa tion concerning RPC&#8217 s reporta ble segments for the yea rs ended December 31, 2012, 2011 a nd 2010 a re shown in the following ta ble:</font></div> font-siz e: 10pt font-siz e: 10pt font-siz e: 10pt font-siz e: 10pt >&#16 0 font-weight: bold font-weight: bold Ga ins or losses on disposition of a ssets a re reviewed by the Compa ny&#8217 >Technica l</font></div> >Services</font></div> </font></td> font-weight: bold font-weight: bold >Support</font></div> >S...
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