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Unformatted text preview: t;Cost of revenues</td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>1,105,886 <spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>9 9 2,704 <spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>6 06 ,09 8<spa n></spa n></td> < /tr> < tr cla ss=3Dre> < td cla ss=3Dpl va lign=3Dtop>Selling, genera l a nd a dministra tive expenses</td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>175,74 9 <spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>151,286 <spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>121,839 <spa n></spa n></td> < /tr> < tr cla ss=3Dro> < td cla ss=3Dpl va lign=3Dtop>Deprecia tion a nd a mortiz a tion</td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>214 ,89 9 <spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>179 ,9 05<spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>133,36 0<spa n></spa n></td> < /tr> < tr cla ss=3Dre> < td cla ss=3Dpl va lign=3Dtop>Loss (ga in) on disposition of a ssets, net</td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>6 ,09 9 <spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>3,831<spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnum>(3,758)<spa n></spa n></td> < /tr> < tr cla ss=3Drou> < td cla ss=3Dpl va lign=3Dtop>Opera ting profit</td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>4 4 2,39 0<spa n></spa n></td> < td cla ss=3Dnump>4 82,081<s...
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