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Unformatted text preview: d> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> font-fa mily: times new roma n </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> </font></td> beca use of the simila rities between the fina ncia l performa nce a nd a pproa ch to ma na ging the service lines within ea ch of the segments, a s well a s the economic a nd business conditions impa cting their business a ctivity levels.&#16 0 &#16 0 Corpora te includes selected a dministra tive costs incurred by the Compa ny.</font></div> s well. These services include pressure pumping services, coiled tubing, snubbing, nitrogen pumping, well control consulting a nd firefighting, downhole tools, wireline, a nd fluid pumping services. These Technica l Services a re prima rily used in the completion, production a nd ma intena nce of oil a nd ga s wells. The principa l ma rkets for this segment include the United Sta tes, including the Gulf of Mexico, the mid-continent, southwest, Rocky Mounta in a nd Appa la chia n regions, a nd interna tiona l loca tions including prima rily Africa , Ca na da , China , La tin America , the Middle Ea st a nd New Z ea la nd. Customers include ma jor multi-na tiona l a nd independent oil a...
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