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Unformatted text preview: p;#xA0 </font></td> </font></td> &#xA0 &#xA0 </font></td> </font></td> &#xA0 </font></td> &#xA0 </td> </p> </p> </td> &#xA0 </td> </p> </p> </td> &#xA0 </td> </p> </p> </td> MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px' a lign=3Djustify> MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px </p> FONT-SIZ E: 12px'> </font></td> &#xA0 </font></td> </font></td> &#xA0 </font></td> </font></td> &#xA0 </font></td> ARIAL' siz e=3D1><b>2012</b></font></td> ARIAL' siz e=3D1><b>2011</b></font></td> ARIAL' siz e=3D1><b>2010</b></font></td> </font></td> MARGIN-LEFT: 1em'><font style=3D'FONT-FAMILY: ARIAL' siz e=3D2>Proceeds</font></p> &#xA0 </font></td> &#xA0 &#xA0 </font></td> </font></td> &#xA0 &#xA0 </font></td> </font></td> &#xA0 </font></td> Sheet1 </tr> <tr style=3D'FONT-SIZ E: 1px'> <td va lign=3Dbottom></td> <td va lign=3Dbottom>&#xA0 <td va lign=3Dbottom> <p style=3D'BORDER-TOP: #000000 3px double'>&#xA0 </td> <td va lign=3Dbottom> <p style=3D'BORDER-TOP: #000000 3px double'>&#xA0 </td> <td>&#xA0 </tr> </ta ble> </div><spa n></spa n></td> < /tr> < /ta ble> < /body> </html> ------=_NextPa rt_ca 8be527_27e3_4 a c8_9 583_a dd14 9 219 e9 b Content-Loca tion: file:///C:/ca 8be527_27e3_4 a c8_9 583_a dd14 9 219 e9 b/Worksheets/Sheet26 .html Content-Tra nsfer-Encoding: quoted-printa ble Content-Type: text/html <html> < hea d> < META http-equiv=3DContent-Type content=3D'text/html < body> < ta ble cla ss=3Dreport id=3DID0EAD> < tr> < th cla ss=3Dtl colspa n=3D1 rowspa n=3D2><strong>Lea ses (Ta bles)<br></strong></th> < th cla ss=3Dth colspa n=3D1>12 Months Ended</th> < /tr> < tr> < th cla ss=3Dth>Sep. 02, 2012<br></th> < /tr> < tr cla ss=3Dre> < td cla ss=3Dpl va lign=3Dtop>Schedule Of Future Minimum Lea se Pa yments</td> < td cla ss=3Dtext><div> <p style=3D'MARGIN-TOP: 12px <font style=3D'FONT-FAMILY: ARIAL' siz e=3D2>At the end of 2012, future minimum pa yments, net of sub-lea se income of $177 for a ll yea rs combined, under non-ca ncela ble opera ting lea ses with terms of a t lea st one yea r a nd ca pita l lea ses were a s follows:</font></p> <p style=3D'MARGIN-TOP: 0px &#xA0 <ta ble style=3D'BORDER-COLLAPSE: colla pse' border=3D0 cellspa cing=3D0 cellpa dding=3D0 width=3D9 2% a lign=3Dcenter> <tr> <td width=3D80% ></td> <td va lign=3Dbottom width=3D6 % ></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td va lign=3Dbottom width=3D6 % ></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> </tr> <tr> <td va lign=3Dbottom><font siz e=3D1>&#xA0 <td va lign=3Dbottom><font siz e=3D1>&#xA0 <td style=3D'BORDER-BOTTOM: #000000 1px solid' va lign=3Dbottom colspa n=3D2 a lign=3Dcenter><font...
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