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CHEMISTRY 120 – CHAPTER 1 – REVIEW Metric system: base 10 decimal system, used everywhere by scientists. o Meter, liter, gram, second, Celsius. o System international, SI: meter, cubic meter, kilogram, second, Kelvin. 1 inch = 2.54 cm Mass: amount of matter in an object. Measured on a balance. Grams Temperature: how hot or cold a substance is. °C, °F, K Volume: amount of space occupied by an object. Liter. Scientific notation: used when dealing with very large or small numbers. o Coefficient: a number between 1 and 10. o Power of 10: indicates the number of decimal places to move (+) right or left (-). Measured numbers: obtained using a measuring tool. Estimated digit: the last digit in a measured number. Certain digit: all digits in a measured number, except the estimated digit. Significant figures (sf): only applies to measured numbers. How many depends on measuring tool. o
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