2 use a 5050 mixture of phosphate buffer as the blank

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Unformatted text preview: Two 10.0- mL graduated measuring pipettes (one for each phosphate solution) d. Two micropipettes, previously calibrated (be sure to note the micropipette number in your notebook) e. Two small beakers (each should hold ~45 mL of solution) f. Number the flasks 1 – 8. g. Label the beakers and pipets (NaH2PO4 or Na2HPO4) 2. Record the formula weight of the salts to be used in your notebook. Prepare the solutions according to your calculations (50 mL of 0.20 M) using volumetric flasks and pour them into the appropriately labeled beaker and mix thoroughly. 3. Prepare the solutions listed in Table 1. a. Add the appropriate amounts of NaH2PO4 Table 1: Solutions Volume of and Na2HPO4 (see Table 1) to the 50- mL Solution Volume of NaH2PO4, mL Na2HPO4, mL volumetric flask. 5.0 0 b. For solution 8 only, add 4 drops of 3 M 1 2 5.0 1.0 NaOH. 10.0 5.0 c. Use the micropipette (again, noting the 3 5.0 10.0 pipette...
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